Keim Mineral Paints – Key Environmental Benefits

  • Keim Mineral Paints do not use any plasticisers or preservatives and do not release any solvents into our fragile atmosphere.


  • From raw material extraction to production, processing, application and even disposal, Keim Mineral Paints maintain an excellent environmental profile.


  • Keim Mineral Paints ensure their products are derived from sustainable sources, are non-toxic and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. All product ingredients are declared and all packaging is recyclable.


  • Keim Mineral Paints are not made with oil or petrochemical binders.


  • Keim Paints are non-flammable and totally incombustible. Should a fire occur the paints will not help to spread it and they will not give off any toxic gases.


  • Keim Paints are resistant to mould and fungal growth providing a healthier microclimate to occupants


  • Keim Paints can neutralise noxious gases and pollutants. Air pollution is a huge problem to all of us in todays heavily polluted environment particularly in Hong Kong and Macau. The new generation Interior and Exterior Keim coatings, are formulated to provide the Mi-Nox effect – which actually helps to clean our air. These paints contain a high quality titanium dioxide catalyst which is continually activated by light and air movement and can neutralise noxious gases and pollutants, including industrial and traffic pollution, furniture and carpet cleaning solutions, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, fatty substances and stearates.

    The photocatalyst used by Keim works perfectly with the Keim binding agent and for Keim Mineral Paints the process will continue for as long as the paint is on the structure.


  • Keim Paints are odourless and non-irritating. They can be applied to homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, public areas during normal occupation without causing any inconvenience whatsoever.


  • Keim Paints have been extensively tested and are recommended for allergy suffers.


  • Keim Paints are crystalline in structure and greatly increase light reflectivity. By specifying the use of Keim Paints some designers have been able to reduce the number of light fittings in many areas. This reduces the carbon footprint of the building whilst maintaining the brightness of the areas.


  • Keim Paints typically require a two coat application only – no primer is needed. The latest interior coating can be applied in a single coat. This reduces environmental impact and provides substantial cost and time savings.


  • If surfaces previously painted with Keim need to be repainteed they do not require stripping or removal – Keim painted surfaces need only to be washed down swissbrawatch and over coated. Using a single coat is usually sufficient.This results in significantly reduced environmental impact and significantly reduced costs.


  • These environmental benefits also extend to the well-being of applicators who do not need to wear protective clothing or masks to prevent ingestion of carciogenic fumes.


Keim employs and Environmental Management System in accordance with

Accreditation and Certification include:

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

Allergy Friendly Product Certificate (Valid until 7th May 2016)

Declaration of Performance KEIM_Universal Render Fine

Ecosil ME VOC Content DIN EN ISO 11892-2 and ASTM D 3960

Environmental Product Declaration Exterior Paint Systems Keim Mineral Paints

Environmental Product Declaration Interior Paint Systems Keim Mineral Paints

ISO 9001 14001 valid 14.9.18

Keim Ecosil ME DIN EN 846 Evaluation of Actions of Organisms

Keim Ecosil ME LGA Certificate Use in food preparation and storage areas, valid 240311

Keim Ecosil ME MICOR Anti-Bacteria and Photocatalytic Paint

KEIM Concretal-C

KEIM Silan-100

KEIM Universalputz-fein

Optil VOC (002)

Royalan VOC FAB06

VOC Content of Keim Innostar

VOC Soldalit-ME UK Juni 2012


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