Keim Mineral Paints originated in Bavaria in 1878 and are now used extensively around the world. The system was developed by A.W. Keim to reproduce the appearance of lime fresco finishes which were able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Keim Universal Render

Keim Universal Render is a dry bagged hydrated lime and pozzolanic based ready to use renovation mortar for use on all mineral substrates both externally and internally.  The composition of Keim Universal Render means that it can accommodate a high degree of movement from thermal expansion and contraction whilst at the same time preventing surface cracking or crazing.

Keim Universal Render is so flexible it does not normally require movement/expansion joints, they are only necessary if the design or structure of the building requires them.  Where desired any conventional plastic or stainless steel bead (with the correct profile/depth) can be used, for example for an 8mm thickness a 6mm profile bead is required.

For overall surface refurbishment Keim Universal Render can be used as a complete thin coat render system that can be subsequently decorated with any of the Keim Mineral Paint systems.  Keim Universal Render can also be used as a render base layer onto which any of the Keim coating systems and/or textured finishing render systems such as Keim Brillantputz can be subsequently applied.

Keim Universal Render is suitable for patch repair of existing rendered facades, over large or in localised areas, and for application onto sound old renders, synthetic resin renders, sound old paint coats, synthetic resin paint coats, interior and exterior areas and cracks.

Keim Universal Render is easy and reliable to process and apply.  It is extremely flexible with excellent stability and a smooth, thick consistency. Fibre reinforcement and water repellence ensure reduced susceptibility to cracking and optimum wear resistance.


Keim Universal Render is an outstanding alternative to hydraulic lime, giving you the main features of NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) with application similar to a conventional sand/cement render.

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