Keim Mineral Paints originated in Bavaria in 1878 and are now used extensively around the world. The system was developed by A.W. Keim to reproduce the appearance of lime fresco finishes which were able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Keim Ecosil-ME

Keim Ecosil-ME is a high performance, environmentally friendly mineral paint for interior use. Keim Ecosil-ME is the only internal silicate paint which optimises air quality, making use of the MiNox™ effect – using photo-catalytic pigments to reduce noxious gases and odours by transforming them into natural substances.

Keim Ecosil-ME has been developed to meet the demand for a truly environmentally friendly paint for interior application. Water based, solvent and VOC free, non allergenic, odourless and breathable it is ideally suited for decoration of interior areas, in particular for people with allergies, and for areas where relocation of occupants during decoration is impractical.

Keim Ecosil-ME is breathable and anti-condensation, forming a microcrystalline structure with the substrate when applied, which allows the free passage of vapour from the substrate whilst preventing ingress of moisture. This microcrystalline structure gives a high level of light reflectance, resulting in energy savings through reduction in lighting levels. Keim Ecosil-ME is inherently non flammable and mould and fungi resistant.

Keim Ecosil-ME and the MiNox effect

The MiNox effect works by utilising sunlight energy to neutralise pollution. The photo-catalyst, TiO2 (titanium dioxide) is added to Keim Ecosil-ME as a pigment. Energy is absorbed from sunlight and activates the pigment. The photo-active pigment can decompose organic pollutants and odours, transforming these materials into small, harmless components.

Keim Ecosil-ME neutralises noxious gases and pollutants, including industrial and traffic pollution, furniture and carpet cleaning solutions, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, fatty substances and stearates.

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