Keim mineral silicate paints have numerous advantages over other paint systems and are the most environmentally friendly paints in the world.


Keim Mineral Paints are used on many of the world’s most iconic buildings and structures and have been specified and applied in Hong Kong and Macau for over 30 years, where they protect and enhance many of our most prestigious buildings as well as numerous historical, heritage and religious structures.


Keim Mineral Paints are also continuously specified and applied to our rail and airport structures.

The original Keim paints were developed in Bavaria in 1878 and the systems made and used today are still based on the same liquid potassium silicate binder and natural earth oxide colour pigments. These form a micro-crystalline bond with any mineral substrate and provide a high quality coating which will protect against even wind driven rain while allowing the substrate to breathe, an essential requirement for all types of building.


Keim Mineral Paints are regularly specified by many leading architects and provide comprehensive decorative and protection solutions which include a range of complimentary ancillary systems and products for repairs and rendering.

Key benefits of Keim Paints include:


  • They will not peel, flake or blister
    Keim Mineral Paints form a micro crystalline bond with mineral substrates by process called silicification. They become part of the surface and will not debond.


  • They allow the building to breathe
    The micro crystalline bond with the mineral substrate will prevent the ingress of even wind driven rain but still allow moisture vapour from within the building to escape. This is a very important requirement for the health and well being of the occupants and also for the structure itself.


  • They are low VOC with no added plasticisers, solvents or acrylics
    Keim Mineral Paints are inorganic and contain none of the irritants, poisons and carcinogenic elements which are often present in other paints.


  • Keim Mineral Paints are resistant to mould and fungal growth
    They are inorganic and do not allow or promote the growth of mould, fungi and algae.


  • All Keim paints colours are lightfast, UV stable and will not fade
    The pigments used in Keim paints are natural earth oxides. They are not affected by UV light and their original colour will not fade. There are buildings painted with Keim where the paint is over 100 years old and still maintain its colours.


  • Keim Mineral Paints are odourless
    Keim can be applied whilst adjacent spaces are occupied with no irritating or allergy inducing smell.


  • Keim Mineral Paints are allergy free
    The paints will not cause any allergic reaction and are very beneficial to allergy sufferers.


  • Keim Mineral Paints are non-flammable and incombustible
    As the paints are inorganic they will not propagate the spread of flames and they will not give off any noxious or toxic fumes in the event of fire.


  • Keim Mineral Paints increase light reflectivity and look brighter
    The paints have a crystalline structure which naturally reflects light. This means rooms and exteriors look brighter and can achieve savings in utility fittings and charges.


  • Keim Mineral Paints are economical to apply
    Most Keim systems require two coats only, there is even a new interior system which is applied in a single coat.

    Most other systems need at least three coats, possibly more. There are huge labour and time savings when using Keim.


  • Keim Mineral Paints can neutralise noxious gases and pollutants
    This is called the Mi-Nox effect and the new generation interior and exterior Keim systems can achieve it. This means that pollutants and irritants in your home can be neutralised by a photocatalytic reaction provided by Keim Mineral Paints.

    This effect has been demonstrated in the laboratory and on site, and is becoming a specification requirement in many countries and cities in Europe for public spaces such as school, hospitals, bus and railway stations etc.

    Other paint systems claim they can achieve it but in most of their cases the type of binder they use will react negatively with the catalyst. In practice this means the Mi-Nox effect will not last for more then a few weeks or months or the negative reaction will actually damage and degrade their coating.

    By contrast the Keim binder will continually function with the catalyst and the Mi-Nox effect will continue for as long as the Keim paint is on the wall.


  • Keim paints are resistant to acids and alkalis
    The paints are inorganic and highly alkali meaning acids or alkalis will not affect them. This means they can withstand heavy pollution.


  • They are ideally suited to withstand the harshest climatic environments
    Hong Kong and Macau have a very tough climate. High humidity, high U.V., high temperatures, heavy rainfall and heavy pollution. Keim paints can withstand all of these.


  • Keim paints have a huge range of colours
    Keim paints have a very wide range of colour choices and most special colours can be produced to order.




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