Shield Crete


Shield Crete concrete waterproofing and protection products are the only of its kind that seal and protect the concrete deep into the slab where all others only treat the surface layer, leaving it vulnerable to many forms of attack.

Shield Crete permanently protects concrete from all forms of deterioration and attack by penetrating deeply into the concrete matrix, reacting with the alkali within the slab and forming a permanent colloidal gel that prevents the concrete from all common degradation problems such as:

  • Salt And Acid Attack
  • Chloride Penetration Attack
  • Sulfate Attack
  • Moisture Attack
  • Compressive Strength Failure Due To Constant Pressure (Eg Railway Sleepers)
  • Incorrect Placement Procedures (Excessive Watering) Of New Concrete
  • Corrosion Of Embedded Rebar Steel
  • Surface Abrasion And Dusting
  • Efflorescence And Delayed Ettringite Attack

Our concrete protection and concrete waterproofing products are totally unique as they do not merely protect the thin top layer of the concrete as many other products do. Shield Crete is industry proven with an unrivalled success rate of 100% for 30 years. Conventional waterproofing products that treat the very top layer of concrete do not solve the problems that concrete construction faces nor do they protect the concrete matrix structure at all. Concrete silicates are fragile in nature and do not provide adequate protection over the medium to long term.

“We offer truly unique, long life and stable concrete protection and waterproofing solutions that also deliver unrivalled fast track concrete construction benefits”

For newly laid concrete, Shield Crete concrete sealer products greatly speeds curing time and improves concrete density – which does not require the use of potable water for long water ponding periods. Save weeks and months on construction activity.

Our product range is voc free, easy to apply and totally safe. Shield Crete concrete sealer protection is distributed globally and is used on numerous major projects worldwide. Application of the product is simple with full access to the new slab after treatment within one hour. Shield Crete concrete protection and waterproofing products soak down deep into the capillaries in concrete filling them with a non destructible gel that creates permanent immunity to concrete problems. Our products offer the longest warranty in the concrete industry and full product support and training is given to every client via our trained global distributor network .

Permanent Concrete Solutions for all industries

  • Marine environments – prevent / arrest corrosion and chloride damage
  • Chemical and nuclear facilities
  • Water tanks – our products do not affect drinking water quality
  • Mining sites and power stations
  • Bridge decks, parking decks and concrete roof protection
  • Tunnels and below grade concrete walls and basements
  • Flooring & fast track flooring installation
  • Channels and potable water aqueducts, pipes and storage tanks
  • Waste water concrete – no more sewer damage from hydrogen sulphide
  • Caissons manufacturing – fast immersion into sea water after curing
  • Port / jetty concrete contruction, post placement protection and repair
  • Roads & walkways
  • Aquatic & pool construction
  • Resilient concrete for railway track sleepers – long in service life
  • Office and residential construction – lifetime concrete protection/ fast track time savings

Shield Crete is a family of unique concrete protection products that employ UNIQUE technologies not found in conventional products. Shield Crete’s penetrant product that can be applied to fresh new concrete or existing concrete delivers permanent moisture proofing solutions, rapid cure and seal properties, increased strength and densification of concrete, prevention or arresting of corrosion in embedded steel rebar and immunity to freeze/thaw damage while at the same time delivering massive productivity, health and environmental benefits over conventional damp proof membranes and surface silicate or crystalline solutions that crack and fail over time.

Shield Crete fully penetrates and seals the concrete capillaries – far deeper and fuller than conventional treatments into the concrete slab, wall or Portland cement based block wall to seal against moisture forever – even applied on the negative side! It can be applied even against minor seepage flows and is easily applied by an airless spray unit for all horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces that have been cleaned and prepared to expose the surface capillaries.

When applied at the time of pour, Shield Crete can deliver a curing solution equal to – or better than 28 day water ponding in 2 days with no requirement to use potable water for curing and no long waiting periods for damp proof membranes to cure. The ultimate fast track solution!

You can access your floor or wall an hour after it has been applied as it does not rely on a surface seal. Bolts, fasteners or nails will not destroy the moisture barrier either as Shield Crete moisture proofs concrete deep down into the concrete capillaries.

Shield Crete concrete sealer products will protect the concrete slab against drying out or cracking due to premature expansion and contraction. The massive productivity benefits in getting fast access to a slab floor, wall or water tank just hours after application – instead of days or weeks – flow to the owner, builder, developer and contractors. These benefits translate to real cost savings over the life of a building or project – in addition to the competitive cost of Shield Crete as it replaces many conventional products and application processes with its wide range of features and benefits.

New concrete slabs can be immediately protected against concrete cracking with just one spray coat.

Shield Crete concrete sealer can deliver fire proof concrete for EU Standard level protection of three hour flame fires at 350 degrees C. This provides the flame resistance needed for tunnels and underground facilities in a wall thickness of 110 mm or even less. When installed in front of a concrete tunnel or pipe surface treated with Shield Crete’s penetrant this ensures the safety and integrity of the total underground concrete infrastructure.

Shield Crete also has a biomass concrete formula designed for the railway industry – delivering concrete sleepers or ties that exhibit the resilience of traditional oak timber sleepers without the degradation over time of timber products – ensuring a long life for track bed and sleeper infrastructure.

From a health and environmental aspect Shield Crete has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) so it is completely safe to use – anywhere. Water aqueducts, tanks, sewerage traps, grease traps and pipeline products can be treated for leaks and fungal protection. Shield Crete has no harmful effects on potable water so it can be used as a concrete matrix treatment for water tanks – whether internally or eternally applied.

Gone forever is the need to employ toxic products and slow, time consuming processes in new concrete construction sites or existing concrete slabs – Shield Crete is fast, safe and easy to use. And it lasts for the LIFETIME of the concrete.

Shield Crete Unique Features

Permanent Concrete Moisture and Water Proofing

Shield Crete’s unique concrete waterproofing and protection technology consists of tiny spherical colloids that penetrate and completely fill all capillaries in concrete to their entire depth generating a CSH (Calcium Silicate Hydrate) reaction in the concrete that conventional silicates, silanes, oxysilanes, and crystalline products cannot achieve. This ensures that no moisture vapour or water can enter the concrete matrix from above or below – delivering a solution that lasts for the lifetime of the concrete. SCP also increases the hydration of free cement in the concrete too.

Fast curing and creates premium concrete at the time of pour

Shield Crete used at the time of pour removes the need for water curing and potable (drinking quality) water for curing. This solution saves time – delivering in two days what usually requires 28 days. Access to treated concrete can happen after one hour, point weight in two days and heavy roller weight in 14 days. SCP enables fast track construction while delivering better concrete. Shield Crete increases both the flexural and compressive strength of concrete and eliminates slab curl.

Strengthens and densifies concrete matrix permanently

Shield Crete’s colloidal silica interacts with the concrete two ways when applied at the time of pour – it causes a CSH (Calcium Silicate Hydrate) reaction within the capillaries and it also increases the hydration of free cement molecules to deliver stronger and denser concrete. Shield Crete increases both flexural and compressive strength of concrete. This eliminates slab curl and edge curl problems and removes the need for traditional densifier and strengthening compounds.

Protects Pre Cast Concrete Pipes & Infrastructure

Our products can be applied to pre cast concrete items such as pipes, sewer traps, manholes, caissons, tanks and pavers to provide total concrete protection for the lifetime of the asset. Harmful elements in sewerage systems such as hydrogen sulphide, chicken grease fat and detergents cannot degrade treated concrete. Shield Crete has no harmful effect on potable (drinking) water so it can be used in water reservoirs, aqueducts, pipelines and storage tanks.

Prevents or stops rebar corrosion in concrete matrix

By filling capillaries with a permanent colloidal gel, corrosion of rebar is prevented in new concrete and stopped in older concrete when remediated. The absence of oxygen and water intrusion into treated concrete prevents corrosion in standard rebar reinforcing steel thus eliminating “concrete cancer”, efflorescence, spalling and other problems.

Permanent pH protection & stability insurance

Shield Crete maintains treated concrete at a pH of 11.5 for a lifetime. This reduces the risk of corrosion and also ensures that when new concrete patches are applied after Shield Crete is sprayed on the affected base concrete – AND on the patch concrete afterwards – that no pH “battery effect” is created that leads to further spalling over time. This reduces concrete patching problems over time for bridges, decks & other concrete surfaces.

Marine and Salt Water Environment Solutions

These environments are particularly harsh on concrete structures with salt and water attack on the cement and reinforcement steel causing concrete cancer, efflorescence and delayed  ettringite damage. Shield Crete delivers fast curing for quick immersion items such as caissons, jetty piers and bridge decks. Shield Crete can be applied to new concrete as a lifetime protection solution or to existing damaged concrete for remediation and patching purposes.

Prevent surface cracks and reduce expansion joints

Shield Crete technology reduces dry shrinkage by up to 94%. The action of the colloids in expelling excessive bleed water and increasing the cement hydration at the time of pour ensures that no surface or plastic cracking occurs irrespective of the ambient temperatures. With careful mix design selection, less expansion joints and saw cuts are needed too.

Eliminates oil, gas & chemical attack in concrete

Shield Crete is ideal for oil & gas, wastewater treatment, mining and sewer environments and other areas where concrete is under attack from salt, chemical and harmful elements such as sulphur and hydrogen sulphide gas. By filling capillaries with a permanent catalyzed colloidal silica gel, ingress of these elements into the concrete matrix is eliminated.

Easily applies to either (positive or negative) concrete surfaces

Shield Crete is effective when applied to either the positive or negative side of installed concrete after all contaminants have been removed to give a clean and porous surface. Even when seepage flows are evident on the negative side Shield Crete can penetrate and fill the capillaries to moisture proof the concrete matrix. Shield Crete can withstand water head pressures in excess of 35 metres. Ideal for tunnels, tanks, precast concrete structures etc.

World wide accreditations & industry standards

Shield Crete technology was created in the USA over thirty years ago. It accords with Standards from ASTM (USA) US Army Corps of Engineers CRD (USA), AS (Australia), NZS (New Zealand), DIN (Germany), EN/ CE (Europe),  NF (France), ASSHTO (USA) and Hong Kong Housing Authority. As the only catalyzed colloidal silica technology globally it is setting new standards in permanent concrete protection and remediation practices.


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